Space opera

Lots of things happening heavenward today.

An astronaut whose mother was killed by a train while he was on the International Space Station for 120 days will return to Earth on the Shuttle.

The US Navy will attempt to hit a satellite moving at 22,783 MPH with a warhead-less missile launched from a ship in the Pacific. (Note to military: ever considered a self-destruct button on our spy sats? Or just telling the world we’re testing a new weapons plaftorm? That would work too.)

A total lunar eclipse will occur at 10:01 PM ET tonight.

One response to “Space opera”

  1. GC says :

    Instead of shooting missiles, we should have some deep sea miners fly a space shuttle out to the satelite (through an asteroid field a la Han Solo), land on it, and then blow it up with a nuke. That would be awesome.