Looking into the past


Left-to-right: my father, grandfather, and uncle

Dakin and Sheridan in Lakeview, Chicago. May 29, 2009, some fifty years after the inset photo was taken. (Larger versions available here.)

This location is a few houses down from where my father grew up. To the west (behind the photographer) Dakin dead-ends into the Hebrew Cemetary. Straight ahead is the CTA Red Line at the Sheridan stop. Three blocks to the south (right of the photographer) is Wrigley Field. A childhood paradise!

This particular corner has housed a pharmacy, a porn shop, a coffee house, and a taqueria, among other things.

There’s a lot more of this now-and-then style photography in the Looking into the Past Flickr pool.

Thanks to Chris Gansen for a fun midday diversion.