It’s a feel-good family post. So deal with it.

Seasons Greetings, all! Got some homegrown Christmas tunes for you.

The first is Nathan in the annual Alphonsus Academy Holiday Concert. He was selected as a soloist for the second grade’s rendition “Silent Night” and he did it masterfully.

The only problem is that the audio levels were way off in the church. The piano is much too loud. (I have tried to EQ it down a bit.) Nathan kicks it solo style around 1:10. “All is calm” and “SleeeEEEEeeeep in heavenly peace” rather pegs it as him.

Nathan Tolva and Mrs. Durkin’s Second Grade Class, AACA

Next up is an impromptu family sing-a-long. Robyn and I heard Charlotte “singing” Feliz Navidad from her bed (behind a closed door) so we crept up and started recording. When her verse ended I piped up from the hallway, which caused her brothers to join in from behind their closed door. Recording continued, hilarity ensued.

You’ll have to turn up the volume pretty high, at least at the beginning. Note how at one point Charlotte asks herself “How do you say [unintelligible] in Spanish?” Pardon the muffled giggling from Robyn and I. And enjoy the remix with Señor Feliciano.

“Feliz Navidad”, The Tolva Family

And yes, I did just put an audio recording of me impersonating a horn section stab on the open Internet.

Merry Christmas!

2 Responses to “Sing-a-long”

  1. The Briscoes says :

    classic! love to family Tolva!

  2. 2B's says :

    yes! sweet horn section also.