“Can you switch to Pandora?”

Beat Research Chicago continues. And wow is it fun. But can you determine where in this set I was asked to stop by the bouncer? (I did stop. Quintessential needle scratching off the record. Finished the recording at my desk when I got home.)

2 Responses to ““Can you switch to Pandora?””

  1. Stephen Haliczer says :

    Hi John,

    I remember your very interesting interview on Personal Democracy Media. Thank you for sending me the information about your blog. I will be reading and commenting on a regular basis. The URL for my blog digital governing is above. You might find it interesting. My posts generally are more speculative and draw from a broader cross-section of sources than certain others in the e-gov. field.

  2. Tom H says :

    Hah, funny, Marko’s favorite Pandora channel typical is one auto created by typing in the band Pavement. Little different!