“Can you switch to Pandora?”

Beat Research Chicago continues. And wow is it fun. But can you determine where in this set I was asked to stop by the bouncer? (I did stop. Quintessential needle scratching off the record. Finished the recording at my desk when I got home.)

Update from Beat Research Outpost #2

The Chicago incarnation of Beat Research has hit full stride. Jake, Jesse, and I are now in a twice-monthly groove (ahem) at Villains in the South Loop. And the first Wednesday of each month we overlap with the fantastic Urban Geek Drinks. All I need is for a NASA meetup to move in and I’ll pretty much have every interest covered.

Here’s my set from last night. Sanford & Son, music for Sith lords, 1980’s classics, my first foray into house (I know, right?) and of course some Chicago love. Do enjoy.

The set from Jan. 18 is available too, but not forever.

Beat Research Chicago begins

Here’s part of my set from the inaugural Beat Research Chicago at Villains last night. Fairly stompy with a bit of dubstep, drum and bass, and crazy Facebook users thrown in.

It’s the first time I’ve used Ableton with Serato in a live setting. Not a complete trainwreck. There’s hope.

Details and upcoming show info here.

“Musical quality above genre coherence”

Pleased to announce that my pals Jake and Jesse and I will be hosting a local version of the venerable Beat Research.

On the first and third Wednesdays of the month we’ll deliver a few hours of experimental party music at Villain’s in the South Loop.

BR Chicago Flyer

Jake (DJ C) started Beat Research in Boston in 2004 with Antony Flackett (DJ Flack) as a base for the genre-bending sets of music the two had been playing since the late ‘90s.

Since inception, Beat Research has hosted some of the best and brightest DJs and producers of underground bass music in the world, given a number of young luminaries their first gigs, and presented an utterly motley collection of tech-addled live performances. The long list of special guests includes DJ Rupture, Kingdom, Eclectic Method, Ghislain Poirier, Vex’d, edIT, and Scuba.

DJ C has since moved to Chicago (replaced by the incomparable Wayne Marshall) and, having missed those heady days in the Beat Research DJ booth, didn’t need much encouragement to be persuaded that this city could use its own explorations into innovative dance music.

Beat Research has been hard to match for anyone seeking out extraordinary sounds. Now Chicagoans can look forward to their own weekly session for discerning dancers and enthusiastic head-nodders.

More information and a mailing list sign-up at Beat Research Chicago. Toots at @beatresearch.

See you there, Chicago.