No one calls them microcomputers anymore either

Well the micropost experiment failed miserably. Culprit: time. Rather, lack thereof. I never got around to integrating microposting into the posting mechanism or the RSS feed/archives. So it was a manual process from start to finish. From now on all tiny posts will happen as regular blog entries. Better that way.

For the record, here are all the microposts to date.


My health club is promoting a kung fu class for three-year-olds. Short of an intro to electrical re-wiring I’m unable to think of a worse form of recreation for my child. Hee-yaa!

“Install a dashboard funtion which controls the speed of the wipers so that they keep time with the stereo.” from Idea-A-Day

My son is having trouble eating a hot dog. Wife thinks fast. Carves top of frank into a cone. Slits ends, inserts potato chips as foils/stabilizers. Presents to son as as rocket ship. Fascinated, he eats the whole thing in between blast-off noises. Brilliant!

How hard is it to get NASA back on track? Perhaps it requires a rocket scientist.

Yearn for a simpler time, Lego block spacegeeks? Can’t stand specialized bricks that can only be used to build one damn thing? The Classic Space forum is for you (and me, obviously).

Today’s philosophically-profound spam: “Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin.”

Last week I installed a great snippet of code for the input forms on this site and have not had a single piece of comment spam since. I’m in a bit of awe at this hack and wish there were one for trackbacks too. And no, I am not telling you what it is, you crazed Nigerian Viagra-addled Texas Hold ‘Em Freak.

What do you get when you mix a Kraftwerkian vocoder, disco grooves, and an earnest profusion of power chords? Why, Robot Rock, of course!

The WSJ has a great article on “Rock’s Oldest Joke: Yelling ‘Freebird!’ In a Crowded Theater: For his part, Mr. Doughty suggests that musicians make a pact: Whenever anyone calls for “Freebird,” play it in its entirety — and if someone calls for it again, play it again. “That would put a stop to ‘Freebird,’ I think,” he says. “It would be a bad couple of years, but it might be worth it.”

iTunes as social icebreaker is an interesting idea. “Hi there, I noticed your taste in music is awful. May I buy you a drink?”

Note to person dumping the room service trays outside my door. If you are doing so out of compassion because you think I am hungry, thank you, but a knock would be helpful since I don’t really care for half-day-soggy cereal. If you are doing so because you don’t want it to clutter your slice of hallway, please stop. I have almost stepped into your breakfast wreckage twice now. Oh, and eat your strawberries or you’ll get scurvy.

Fugitive Haiku
No background check required
Please keep the award.

The plural of the word ‘mail’ is simply ‘mail’ so why do people consider ‘e-mails’ the plural of ‘e-mail’? This bugs me way more than it should.

There’s a guy who works out at my health club who uses the pay phone every time he is there. But he also has a cell phone. I see him on it all the time. This can only mean one thing, right? He’s having an affair. Has to be.

Note to interior designers. If we ask you to come over for a consultation on how to redesign/expand our home don’t ask me if I really need all the computers I have on my desk. This will not win you business.

Naples, Italy is on the peninsula’s southwest coast. Naples, Florida is on that peninsula’s southwest coast. Is this a coincidence?

If one were not careful overhearing others’ conversations in restaurants one could surmise that there is an entire stratum of society whose perception of Christianity is solely informed by The Da Vinci Code. This would be unfortunate.

I heard today that 6% of Americans have passports. Surely this will increase now that Canada requires a passport to cross the border, but good golly that seems suprisingly low. And I’m from the flyover states.

On a flight recently the pilot left the cockpit for coffee and a lav break, but not until a burly flight attendant — the burliest they had around, that is — positioned a metal drink cart perpendicular to the aisle as a rampart blocking access to the entire forward galley area. He just stood there with arms crossed glaring down the aisle. I’d never seen that before. You’d think a lockable door separating the main cabin from the cockpit/gallery/lavatory would do the trick, but clearly there are problems blocking passengers from emergency egress.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. And don’t pet the sweaty stuff.” Written on a Vancouver pub window.

“Yeehaw!” is not a foreign policy. Not new, but this bumper sticker made me laugh.

“You know it is spring in Chicago if you are cold at Wrigley Field. When you are no longer cold, it is summer.” – LG

You don’t have it this bad, but you can probably relate. Prepare to waste a good a good half-day.

Why have the voicemail menu options always recently changed? And why won’t you tell me what has changed about them? Press 1 for recent changes. Would that be so bad?

Forgot this one on the friends-who-sell-stuff post. Actually, didn’t know about it. High school pal Diana Jacklich (now Hamann) is the Wine Goddess. Quite an appellation.

One of my favorite authors, Steven Johnson, is on The Daily Show tonight talking about his new book Everything Bad Is Good For You, a piece of tinder that has the blogosphere alight.