2 Responses to “Premiere tonight”

  1. 2B's says :

    Nice work JNT and thank you TiVo! I particularly enjoyed the staged flipping-through of the textbook scene.
    Should we go ahead and schedule a VPC outing for Giza???

  2. Angel says :

    Thank you for giving us the heads up about that. Mary Ann and I always enjoy things about Egypt and the pyramids and we were positively mesmerized by the show. It is nice to see the work that you’re doing and that it’s available to anyone with internet access. I don’t know that I would ever be able to personally travel to Egypt to see the pyramids in person but even if I could I would rather forgo going inside the pyramids if it would mean that my moving around inside would help speed up the deterioration and possibly keep future generations from ever seeing those remarkable structures. I enjoy looking at the pyramids in all of their glory and possibly original state on the internet. Thank you again.