Already know you’ll be unhappy with your gifts?

If so, have I got some deals for you, Ascent Stage-reading faithful!

Audiotron 100 – Perfect condition. Loved intensely from uncrating to ceremonial disconnection from the mothership A/V center. Still the only networked media player that requires no server-side software. Works with any operating system. It scans your local network for MP3, WMA, and WAV files and lets you access them via the front panel, remote, or a web interface. It even has a PDA interface which is rare among networked media units. And because I’m honest with my blog readers: the only reason I am selling it is because my media is so iTunes-bound that I purchased an Airport Express and no longer need it. $100. Shipped free.

Harmon-Kardon HK3720
– Basic but powerful stereo receiver. No video bells and whistles but a great stereo receiver. Used faithfully as a second unit for whole-house audio, now not needed because my new receiver supports multiple zones. $150. Also shipped free (and that sucker is heavy).

Roku HD-1000 Photobridge – The only networked media receiver that I know of that supports component video out. Perfect for displaying high-res digital slideshows. Also supports MPEG-4 for your ripped DVD viewing pleasure. Does music too and supports custom apps. Reason I’m selling: new receiver supports photo viewing, though not networked. This makes me sad, but I have to draw the line somewhere. $110. Of course, shipped free.

Sony 100 CD Changer – Old but sturdy mega-jukebox. Optical out, plus album title display field. Reason: have not played a CD in years. $50. Shipping alone might cost as much, but for you, dear readers, it is free.

My thanks – It has been a fun year. Thanks for reading everyone! Free. Immediate download.

Contact me if you are interested.

One response to “Already know you’ll be unhappy with your gifts?”

  1. 2B's says :

    I take it from the sale items that Santa was kind enough to bring you the fancy receiver you were pining for?
    Merry Christmas team Tolva!