Thrice blessed

Well, it looks like my youngest son was right when he assumed the West African stance that anticipates the coming of a new sibling. (Confused? Here’s the story on that.)

That’s right, we’re expecting a new baby. Number three. Due May 27, a mere two days after our 10th wedding anniversary, causing us to continue to wonder just what in the hell we did with all our time prior to the arrival of the midget squad. I seem to recall thinking I was busy back then. Ha.

There’s mixed opinion on the man-to-man parenting of two children versus the zone defense of three. I’m of the mind that it can’t be worse than having two kids to run after. The transition from one mostly risk-averse toddler to a sibling who’d rather be juggling knives as he sets flame to a puddle of paint thinner was rough. But now that we’ve mastered the art of not allowing them to kill themselves, us, or others we’re somewhat nonplussed by the challenge of a third. Can’t be that bad. Right? Right?

The kids don’t know yet. We can hardly announce an activity that is more than an hour in the future if we want any kind of peace from the is-it-time-yet questioning, so we’re deferring until Mommy’s rotundity is unavoidable. It’ll be interesting to see the reaction. Happiness, befuddlement, anger, fraternal plotting? I’m certain there’ll be plenty of post fodder from their commentary on the matter.

As an aside, I need better blog categories. Seems so cold to add this announcement to “Genealogy”.

2 Responses to “Thrice blessed”

  1. anon says :

    “Midget Squad”
    That produced a genuine LOL.
    Beware the middle child syndrome.

  2. Killworth says :

    Congratulations! We’re so happy for you guys – give Robyn our best. Can’t believe we learn of these things this way nowadays. Blogs, is there anything they can’t do?