E-mail longevity

Today is the tenth anniversary of the establishment of my primary e-mail address . Maybe not such a big deal, but I wonder how many people are using the same address and account after a decade. I don’t mean aliases or forwarding services, I mean the actual account tied to an address. Where would you even find stats on this?

Mindspring, by the way, was a small ISP founded in Atlanta in 1994. It was acquired by Earthlink six years later. I’ve always liked the Athena reference.

One response to “E-mail longevity”

  1. Bryce says :

    Yeah, I’ve held onto my mindspring address for quite awhile, too. You know what irks me? My brother, who used to hop from free account to free account every 6-8 months once chastised me for dropping the “.” from my address. (It used to be first.last@mindspring and I changed it to firstlast.) The nerve of that guy.. one lousy small change in 10 years.. grumble.