Living across operating systems

So I’m travelling this week without my MacBook Pro. Nothing like a little deprivation to make it obvious why it feels so much like deprivation in the first place.

Here’s what I miss most about the Mac (besides OSX itself of course):

  • Quicksilver – Amazing app that has changed the way I conceive of files and file access. Makes folders virtual irrevalant and complex functions as easy as typing subject-verb-object. Has to be used to be fully understood.
  • BluePhoneElite – Smartly done access to most phone functions, with full integration with your Mac Address Book. You’ll never want to send an SMS from your phone keypad again.
  • Universal CMD-Q – ALT-F4 is for people with robotic wrists that swivel on ball bearings, I’ve decided.
  • An ical-compatible calendar that actually works well. Sunbird, MozCalendar, Chandler: I’ve left you for good.
  • The speakers. As good as I have heard on a laptop ever.
  • PackRat – Smooth offline updating and synching with the online Backpack service.
  • Not being able to flip the MacBook over to warm my morning coffee on its molten underside.

I do actually miss a few things about XP. Google’s Picasa is really wonderful. Adium is an excellent app, but I do kinda miss Trillian. And lastly, though this will change, Photoshop on Rosetta is pretty painful. It runs a lot faster on XP for now.