My music genome

Humans share a common genome, so sayeth the biologists and the musicologists. But no one has the exact same genome. The various human genome cataloging projects compile an aggregate model, as does Pandora.

So, like the botanists stashing seeds in a vault in Norway in case of apocalypse, I present my own music genome — the albums that form the basis of my musical evolution.

There are other strands of nucleotides in my musical history, of course — Pink Floyd, The Smiths, They Might Be Giants come to mind — but the albums below have given rise to the most positive mutations. They aren’t my all time favorite albums or even the best in their own classes. But such is how one’s taste in music evolves.

Message to Future Scientists: If you are able to reconstruct me from fossilized genetic information please reprogram my musical knowledge according to the following list.

Gary Numan – Telekon
Kraftwerk – The Man-Machine
Devo – New Traditionalists
Ministry – The Land of Rape and Honey
Depeche Mode – Violator
The Prodigy – Experience
Orbital – Orbital 2
Vapourspace – Themes from Vapourspace
Biosphere – Substrata
Plaid – Double Figure
Autechre – Tri Repetae++
Boards of Canada – Music Has The Right To Children

And a mix I made, one track per album, just for you: My Music Genome.

2 Responses to “My music genome”

  1. Rob O. says :

    Okay, that’s just kinda freaky – you’re one of about 2 other guys I can think of who’d even have a clue that Devo released a CD called “New Traditionalists” (how can you not get up and move when “Through Being Cool” comes on?!) or that they ever sang anything other than “Whip It!” and “Beautiful World” (which people only stand any chance of knowing because of the Target commercials).
    That, combined with Depeche Mode, is a small chunk of my own unique musical DNA. I’d have to throw in some (early) Billy Joel & Journey (circa “Captured”), Mozart, and David Sanborn for sure. But there’s still lots of holes there. Frankly, I dunno how you limited yourself to 12 references…

  2. John says :

    Frankly, I dunno how you limited yourself to 12 references…
    Muxtape only allows 12 songs to be uploaded, that’s how. 🙂