I was shuffling files around recently and came across an archive of my first personal website. It wasn’t Ascent Stage, but a site called hypertext :: renaissance (you see, the lowercase and double-colon were edgy) that I built when I was in graduate school in 1996.

Click for annotations and prepare to mock.

hypertext -- renaissance (20080611).jpg

4 Responses to “Retrograde”

  1. Matt K. says :

    Man, I remember that page. I remember Voices from the Interface too. 😉
    Here’s my retro:

  2. Darren says :

    That’s more impressive than it deserves to be given it was 1996.
    I think you just started a trend John. I’m going to see if I can find my 1997 one, though it may be far too embarrassing.

  3. Ricky says :

    digital space assembly – 12 years later and nothings changed 🙂

  4. asg says :

    Visual flashback alert! Now…send me your Mark Gage remixes!