I’m headed to Wrigley this afternoon to catch the Cubs in their current hot streak. It’s going to be a unique game. Apparently today the club will celebrate 60 years of being televised by WGN by trying to emulate a game from 1948.


Norman Rockwell, The Dugout

There have been retro days before, but this one is fairly unique. In addition to the 1948 uniforms (which for the opposing Braves is a Boston uniform) the telecast will be in black-and-white for the first few innings. Camera angles will be limited and the center field camera (which provides the batter close-ups) will be offline. Certain vendors will be offering 1940’s-era victuals at 1940’s-era prices. How cool is that? More info here.

Fans are encouraged to dress the part too, but I’ll be damned if I am going to put on a suit and fedora. Well, maybe just the fedora. How does one dress for 1948?

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  1. Karen K says :

    Just looking through your blog to see if you had any new posts on your Africa trip and saw this one. We did the Wrigley tour on June 14th and this throwback game threw the tour guide for a loop. They changed the “EAMUS CATULI” sign to reflect the Cubs’ championship status in 1948 so his explanation of the numbers was met with looks of confusion!