Such great heights

OK, so, we didn’t expect that to happen.

Today Planet Earth and two flabbergasted parents welcomed Charlotte Mae Tolva, a beautiful, healthy 7lb. baby girl. Robyn and I are still in a bit of shock. We felt nearly certain that this baby was a boy and that he’d join his brothers in a lifetime of mayhem and dastardliness. But no. Baby Charlotte skipped our anniversary last week in favor of a different holiday. She arrived just in time for most retail shops to be closed for the Memorial Day observance and so prevented us (or rather our families) from buying anything remotely girl-like that we can bring the little darling home in. You see, we own only boy-gear (most of it threadbare) and didn’t even bring a “safety” outfit to the hospital. But maybe closed baby shops is a good thing. I fear a crazed orgy of girl-stuff purchasing from relatives and friends.

Oh, and I suspect The Darnedest Things blog category is going to start filling up rapidly once we introduce the big bad brothers to Charlotte this evening. Check back for their trenchant insights into boy-girl relations and anatomical differences.

Welcome, sweet little baby. You’re the best kind of surprise.

2 Responses to “Such great heights”

  1. ian hughes says :

    Congratulations. That’s really fantastic news.
    I guess when she grows up she will make amends for all teh shops being closed 😉

  2. Brian says :

    Congratulations! My daughter Charlotte just turned five on May 21. She will be pleased to hear that she has a namesake.